What Tea can do to your body?

What Tea can do to your body?

Tea has become an integral part of people’s lives. As early as 4700 years ago, people found that fresh tea leaves have the effects of detoxification. Since then, tea has been consumed widely. Research finds that it is not only beneficial to 

cardiovascular health, but also prevent cancer, anti-aging and help with weight loss. Some tea has stronger weight loss effect like Black oolong tea which works more than 5 times more effective than green tea. That’s why we select it as the main ingredient of our weight loss tea blends. However, the benefits of drinking tea are much more than that.

It is well known that tea is beneficial to the health. It contains polyphenols, caffeine and a variety of vitamins, which has many health care benefits and pharmacological effects.There are so many research we can do ourselves online these days to find the information we need, like Green Lifestyle Magazine – Green Living Made Easy, which covers a wide range of useful lifestyle ideas and tips and web directories like web directory. Tea in general has so many benefits and should be encouraged to drink often on a daily basis to improve general health.

  •  Improve muscle endurance. The study found that tea contains antioxidants called “catechins”, which can increase the body’s ability to burn fat and improve muscle endurance. It can help fight fatigue and increase physical exercise time. If you drink green tea regularly, the beneficial effect is more significant.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet. Polyphenols are water-soluble substance. By using tea to wash face, it can remove oil and minimize pores of the skin. It gets rid of dirt and bacteria and has anti-aging effect. It can also helps to reduce the UV damage to the skin, and therefore is called a natural “sunscreen.”
  • Weight loss. Weight loss tea is a well known term to everyone. It is commonly known that tea in general has slimming effect, especially green tea and black oolong tea. Caffeine in tea can promote the secretion of gastric to help digestion and enhance the body’s ability to break down fat. Foreign studies have shown that regular drinking of tea can reduce waist size and lower body mass index (BMI), which can be further beneficial to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Resistance to radiation. Research shows that tea polyphenols and its oxide can absorb some of the radioactive material and protect cells from radiation damage. It can also help to repair damaged cells.
  • Increase bone density. Although tea contains caffeine, it will promote the loss of calcium with urination, but the content is very low. In fact, tea contains more substances such as fluorine element, phytoestrogens and potassium to help to reduce the loss of calcium. A study in Taiwan shows that regular tea drinkers have a higher bone density and lower probability of hip fracture.


—- Written by IN SLIM TEA team


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