Tea Therapy

Tea Therapy

As we all know, tea does not only taste refreshing, but also has a strong therapeutic power. That’s why I named this section “Tea Therapy” as it is therapeutic. I am a big tea lover and it fascinates me by researching on the benefits that different herbs, flowers or teas may have to our health and the effects that they may bring to our body. Each herbal plant has its own unique medical function. For example, as we all know that chamomile has the calming effect and help with sleeping, while rose buds has a magic beauty effect due to its abundant vitamins and minerals. In saying that, a very interesting fact is that some herbs and flowers or even seeds can be combined and brewed together to enhance their beneficial effects. For example, Goji berry and red date are always go hand in hand to complement and enhance each other’s therapeutic strength. They are all full of various types of nutrients and strong anti-oxidant agents. Research has shown that many of the world’s longest living people consume some goji berry daily. You can either eat it raw or brew it in a tea. It has a slightly sweet taste. I absolutely love it and try to consume it or drink it as a tea daily myself.

There are so many herbal plant and flowers that we can incorporate into our daily diet or routine to benefit our health. They are natural, organic and full of nutrients and provide amazing benefit to our body if consumed on a long term basis. As it has so much knowledge to it, extensive research is required. It is my pleasure to share useful and practical information, knowledge and personal experience or secret with you along the way.

I will start with the main ingredients which I incorporated into my tea products as I selected them for a reason, so you will get some understanding of the functionally of the main ingredients, which will give you more confidence in choosing the right tea blends for you.  Then I will work on providing you with some interesting information about how to blend them to enhance their medical effect for particular purposes such as losing weight, improving skin tone, or fight against inflammation.

If there is any particular topic that you are interested and want me to cover in this section, please feel free to email me at: info@inslimtea.com.au or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I will respond as soon as I can. Happy reading and happy Teaing! Let’s maximise the benefits of tea together 🙂

Introduction of Tea therapy

If Chinese medicine is considered as a treasure of the Chinese nation, then tea therapy is literally the crown. Tea Therapy is the perfect combination of medicine and tea. It can prevent disease and create enjoyment. It not only can strengthen your physical condition and prevent you from illness, but also gives you an enjoyment and a peace of mind.

Let us talk a bit about the history of tea. For thousands of years, from the empires to the common people, there is passion or love for tea. In China, tea is not just a drink, it acts as a unique form of folk culture and has a tremendous impact on our lives, health and culture. The funny fact is, when tea was first discovered and used by humans, it is neither used as drinks nor gifts, instead it is used as medicine.

Tea Therapy is a unique combination of medical culture and tea culture. It combines traditional Chinese medicine and tea processing methods. It is classified base on its shape, color and smell.

It is renounced for its below advantages including effectiveness, safety, enjoyment and convenience.


  • Effectiveness: good selection of authentic materials, professional processing technology to ensure the health benefits of each ingredient is realized.
  • Safety: certain teas can be consumed both as a medicine and food. It is safe with no side effects.
  • Enjoyment: enjoy high quality, natural fragrance and great taste. Every cup of tea in your hands diffuses strong and unique mountain fragrance. You can enjoy the subtle sweet taste while relaxing your body and mind.
  • Convenience: Teas can be drunk at anytime anywhere.

8 Amazing benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is originated in tropical rainforest areas such as India and Sri Lanka. It’s fruit is as large as oranges with sour taste. It has been used as curry condiments and folk medicine since ancient times.

It has been extremely popular because its weight loss effect and has been included in many popular weight loss tea. Since decades ago, studies have been carried out on its active ingredient and their possible effects. Now it has become clearer and it is being used as a diet supplement. The main active ingredient of Garcinia cambogia is hydroxyl citric acid on its peel and the main effect of that is to impede the formation of fat.

The weight loss effects of Garcinia cambogia:


  • It contains a lot of HCA, which can inhibit the formation of fat by impeding the formation of body fat by glucose.
  • Its structure is similar to citric acid, which compress the activity of ATP-Citrate lyase and further hindering sugar converted into excess body fat.
  • To accelerate fat burning process and convert the excess energy into glycogen which is easy to be consumed.
  • It can regulate the metabolism of body fat and store the nutrients which have not been consumed by the body in the muscle and liver.
  • Increase the store capacity of the glycogen of liver and muscle and reduce the amount of fat being manufactured.
  • It has the effect of suppressing appetite and slow down the process of formation of carbohydrate and protein.
  • It can burn fat, stimulate body’s function and release fat.
  • Study shows that HCA can reduce more than 40% of the fat formed within 8 to 12 hours after the meal.

5 Amazing effects that Goji Berry has

As we all know that Goji berry is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. It is an indispensable tonic in people daily life. It is very nourishing and has numerous health benefits if it is eaten correctly. However, most people are not aware of how to add that to their diet routine.

Modern research shows that Goji berry has many beneficial functions such as lowering blood sugar, preventing fatty liver, and resistant to atherosclerosis. Also, it plays an important role in repairing eyes and kidney. In addition, it has anti-aging effect and help with conditions such as chronic hepatitis, central retinitis and high blood pressure. You will be surprised with how many benefits that Goji berry can provide.

1, Anti-aging. Goji berry has been used as top grade nutritious supplement for thousands of years in human history. It is well know anti-aging fruit that helps you keep your youthful appearance. The vitamin C it contains is more than that of oranges and the amount of β- carotene is more than that contained in carrots. As for its iron content, it is even higher than the steak.

2, Maintain beautiful skin and give it a healthy glow. It really can be the secret of healthy and glowing skin thanks to its abundant vitamins.

3, Repair liver and improve eyesight. It helps to improve and nourish the functions of liver and assist in improving eyesight. It is often used with chrysanthemum or other ingredients depends on proposed purposes.

4, Goji berry is such a healthy fruit and can be brewed in tea or soaked in wine. It is needed to be consumed on a long term basis in order to strengthen health and improve fitness in general.

5, It has anti-cancer effect. It to some degree plays an important role in inhibiting cancer cells and helping to prevent the spread of cancer cells as well as enhancing the body’s immune function.

It is also important to know how much to eat to achieve desired results

Goji berry has therapeutic effects and improves general health if taken on a long term basis. However, like any other supplements, moderate amount is the key. Excessive consumption may have adverse effect. In general, it would be appropriate for a healthy adult to consume up to 20 grams per day and for treatment purposes, it can be taken up to 30 grams per day if there are no restrictions in other areas. If it is brewed in a tea, it is recommended to let it brew for about 10-15 minutes before drinking and you can also eat the goji berry too to enjoy its full benefits.

Top 10 natural tea blends to improve your health

IN SLIM TEA CO. is an Australian based tea provider who promotes powerful natural tea blends that satisfy with various needs including body and skin detoxification, sore throat relief and weight loss. Each plant and flower has different function or effects and some can be combined together to maximize their individual benefits. Below are the most popular herbal tea blends remedies for the common problems that we encounter in our daily lives, which hopefully can provide us with some relief and improve the quality of our lives.

1. Detoxification and acne remedy

Rose buds, Honeysuckle, Roselle, Aloe vera, Lemon, Globe amaranth

2. Insomnia tea remedy

Lily, Yu Hu Die, Lavender, Cammomile

3. Sore throat remedy

Yu Hu Die, Honeysucle, Licorice root, Globeflower, Momordica Grosvenori

4. Tea remedy for diabetes

Stevia, Cammomile, Ganoderma, Green tea

5.Tea remedy for hangover

Violet, Lavender, Peppermint, Honey

6. Headache relief tea blends

Cammomile, Lavender, Rose buds, Rosemary

7. Tea blends for Constipation relief

Cammomile, Cassie seeds, Lotus leaf, Violet, Honeysuckle

8. Tea blends that is beneficial to Liver

Jasmine tea/buds, Cammomile, Cassie seed, Roselle, Lemongrass

9. Weight loss tea therapy

Lotus leaf, Broadleaf Holly leaf, Lentils, Green tea, Black Oolong tea

10.Skin detoxification tea blends

Jasmine buds/tea, Yu Hu Die, Dried Aloe vera, Rose buds, Red date, Goji berry

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