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This powerful herbal tea blend by In Slim Tea Co. aims at detoxing your skin and helps to reduce the chances of reoccurrence of acne. It helps to clear toxins in the pores from excessive sweat, dirt or unhealthy diet and assists to nourish your skin from inside out. This herbal skin detox blend may compel toxins to be fully released from the pores rather than being released into other internal body systems. Once balance is reached within the skin, break outs will be less likely to occur.

This tea blend has been so popular and embraced overwhelmingly by all age groups and gender who desires to have better, smoother and healthier skin. It is not only suitable for people who suffer skin problems such as acne, dull skin and sluggish skin complexion, but also for people seeking a perfect therapeutic tea to help to maintain their healthy and beautiful skin. It nurtures people from inside out and make your skin look radiant and glowing. For the amazing benefits of its main ingredients, please refer to the individual product page for details.

The ingredients:

Rose buds, Camomile, Honeysuckle, Dried Aloe Vera, Stevia, Red date, Goji berry, Globe Amaranth

Main ingredient and its benefits:

Rose buds, as one of the main ingredients of this tea blend is rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannic acid. It is mild and suitable for all ages and genders. It not only can relieve tension, enrich blood, nourish the skin, but also improve the functions of liver and stomach. When drinking its tea on a long term basis can also fight free radicals and have anti-aging effect. Moreover, it can reduce fatigue and improve physical fitness.

Rose tea has a beautiful fragrance and elegant taste. It plays an important role in easing mood and alleviates depression. It also works wonders in relieving back pain and accelerating wound healing. Another important function that rose tea has is its well known therapeutic use. It can not only assist to remove dark spots on your skin, but also has magical anti-wrinkle effect. It has been also frequently used to effectively treat halitosis because its intense floral fragrance. Assist digestion and reduce body fat content are just another wonderful benefits among millions of others.

Taste to expect: IN SLIM Skin Detox Tea has a pleasant floral aroma thanks to therapeutic rose buds. It also contains dried Aloe Vera, which gives it a slightly bitter taste. However, it is neutralized to a certain degree by the red date and goji berry which throws in a subtle sweet taste.

When to drink:  Drink any time one hour after meal to avoid digestion interference. Also, try to avoid drinking this tea with empty stomach. Each tea bag has 3g, which is more grams/stronger than usual! As its high strength, each tea bag can be and should be used twice in order to release its nutrient composition fully. Please follow the Brewing Instructions (can be found in the Our Product page and the back of the packaging) carefully to achieve the best result.


  • It is highly recommended to use AT LEAST TWO COURSES (2 x 20-Day Active Packs) to start with. When you finish one course, we recommend you to stop and have a 10 days break (or whatever left for the month). Then start the next pack at the beginning of the next month.
  • While you are in the process of Skin Detox, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to drink lots of water on a daily basis and avoid unhealthy diet as they are the main cause of nasty toxins in your body. If you are suffering or prone to have acne skin conditions, we strongly recommend you not to take any excitant food or drinks which may further irritate the skin, such as spicy food and spices, seafood or alcoholic drinks. Also, try to avoid caffeine as much as you can during the detox.
  • For a better taste and result, you could add a slice of fresh lemon to the tea. Lemon has countless therapeutic benefits that will work wonders together with our tea blends.
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