Can I get a refund?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for details.

What makes your IN SLIM Teas better than others?

Our unique IN SLIM Tea blends contain 100% natural and organic ingredients selected proportionally and specifically for their amazing health benefits. We proudly say that our teas do NOT contain any artificial colors or flavors. You get what you see! See Our Products Page for more details and brewing instructions.

What tea range do we have at the moment?

At IN SLIM Tea Co., we currently have four unique teas:

  • IN SLIM Detox Tea (Come with 2 sizes: 10 Day Sample Pack and 20 Day Active Pack)
  • IN SLIM Throat & Nose Tea (Come with 2 sizes: 10 Day Sample Pack and 20 Day Active Pack)
  • IN SLIM Skin Detox Tea (Come with 2 sizes: 10 Day Sample Pack and 20 Day Active Pack)
  • IN SLIM Fat Burning Tea (Come with 2 sizes: 10 Day Sample Pack and 20 Day Active Pack)

Why you have the 10 day and 20 day pack instead of the usual 14 and 28 detox on the market?

At the IN SLIM Tea Co., we strive to provide you with the best and satisfying tea experience as much as possible. That’s why we come up with the 10 day Sample Pack for tea lovers to try it out without spending more than you have to! But we do recommend that you need to consume at least two packs of the 20 Day Pack to see or feel the difference. Also, on the other hand, when it comes to herbal tea, we always recommend our customers to have a ‘break’ after finishing a pack which is 20-day supply, and then start the next pack at the beginning of the next month. That’s the reason why we specially designed the 20-day pack.

Can I do a 30 day course with your teas?

Of course! Just purchase by following below straight-forward instruction:

  • 30 Day Detox – 20 day Detox pack + 10 day Fat Burning pack
  • 30 Day Detox & Fat Burning – 20 day Detox pack + 20 Fat Burning pack + 10 day Fat Burning pack
  • 30 Day Throat & Nose Relief – 20 day Throat & Nose tea pack + 10 day break
  • 30 Day Skin Detox – 20 day Skink Detox pack + 10 day break
  • 30 Day Fat Burning – 20 day Fat Burning pack + 10 day Fat Burning pack

How do I store them?

Once you open the package, simply reseal the package and store it in a cool and dry place. However, in order to prolong its life, it is highly recommended to store the tea bags in an air tight container.

When and how should I take my IN SLIM Teas?

As for when to take our teas, there are different requirements for different teas. Please refer to individual product page for specific instructions. For example, for Our IN SLIM Detox Tea, it should be drunk 30 mins before meals. But for the Throat tea and Skin Detox tea, they should be consumed any time one hour after a meal. All our teas can be consumed either hot or cold. But we recommend drinking them while they are hot to enjoy a better taste.
As for brewing instructions, please refer to the detailed instructions both in the Our Products page and on the back of the packaging.

What do they taste like?

Please refer to the Individual product page when you click into each product for their taste descriptions. We have answers there for you.

Can I re-use the same tea bag?

You certainly can! And we highly recommend you to do so. Our tea bags are specially designed and prepared to be re-used with their high strength. We strongly recommend you to use one tea bag twice a day to realize its full effect. However, we don’t recommend using a tea bag left overnight.

Can I take more than one tea bag a day?

Yes. You can take more than one tea bag a day. One tea bag is prepared to be used twice, which means two cups a day. If you would like to use two tea bags a day which can give you four cups of drink, you can certainly do that and for some people, it may give you a better result.

Are Your Tea blends safe to use?

Yes. But make sure you follow the recommended consumption amount and read our disclaimer before use. Our tea blends are specially prepared proportionally to make sure they are safe to drink while fully realizing their effect. All ingredients are natural as you can see with your own eyes! However, please be aware if you are or prone to be allergic to any herbs or flower buds, or you have any medical conditions or concerns of any kind; please consult with your doctor beforehand.

Can I drink more than it is required each day?

You certainly can. All our teas contain natural ingredients and good for health. In fact, they can be drunk as often as your like. Two cups a day for each kind is the minimum amount required for it to take effect. In fact, for some teas, such as our Detox and Fat Burning Tea, it is actually the more you drink, the better the results may be. However, please be aware that they do contain a bit of caffeine especially the Fat Burning Tea, which may make you awake when drink at night.

I am a diabetic, can I use your IN SLIM Detox Tea?

Our Slimming DetoxTea actually contains ingredients aimed to help to maintain your blood sugar levels. So based on the ingredients, it is safe to use for diabetic patients. However, if you have other conditions which you are concerning, please make sure with your doctor before consuming our products. We are unable to provide individual medical advice.

Does your tea contain Gluten or Yeast?

All of our tea blends are prepared from natural ingredients. They are free from Gluten and yeast and contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Can I consume your teas while on other medication?

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before consuming our products if you are currently on any form of medication, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can anyone drink your herbal tea blends even they are not on a diet?

Absolutely! Our herbal tea blends are suitable for consumption by everyone, whether you want to improve your current weight condition or maintain your already slim figure, or simply just want to be healthy. However, we do remind you that if you have any food allergies, we recommend you to consult with your doctor first to make sure. Please note that our products are not recommended for children under the age of 16. For children under 18, we recommend consuming them after obtaining parents’ permission.

Can I consume alcohol during my body or skin Detox?

We don’t recommend consumption of alcohol during your detox routine or any time really as they are full of toxins and may cause adverse effect to our body. While doing the skin detox, we strongly recommend you to drink lots of water and avoid stimulants, such as alcohol, fried food and possibly seafood.

Are there any side effects of consuming our tea products?

All of our tea blends are prepared with premium quality 100% natural herbs and flowers. There are no known side effects based on the ingredients of our teas. However, if you do experiencing any side effects, please seek medical attention immediately. In addition, our IN SLIM Detox tea contains green tea which means it has a bit of caffeine in it. But it is only minimal compared to other drinks like coffee. Also, our IN SLIM Fat Burning Tea also contains some caffeine.

Can I get a refund?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for details.

Do you ship outside of Australia?

Yes. We do. We ship all over the world. We provide free shipping within Australia. As for shipping overseas, please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for details

How long does shipping take within Australia?

Please refer to Shipping & Returns page for details

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