Enhance the Beauty of your Skin with Therapeutic Tea

Enhance the Beauty of your Skin with Therapeutic Tea

While modern medicines have helped us fight disease and live longer, the stress of pollution and contamination in air and water have taken a toll on our skin. While the therapeutic benefits of rose and enriching fruits like goji berries, red dates and peaches cannot be denied few people use them and that too only as face packs and face scrubs. Did you know that these skin enhancers are now available in the form of tea infusions and can be enjoyed with a delicious cup of tea? Let us study the benefits of these flowers and how can you achieve a smooth and glowing skin.

Benefits of rosebuds and petals

Both rosebuds and petals of the certain flowers can be added while brewing your regular tea and sip it hot or cold. Rose buds are an excellent antioxidant and a rich source of vitamin A and C. While for some skin problem is a regular occurrence after adolescence there are a few lucky ones who have faced acne problem only for a short phase. For the not so lucky ones, tea with rose buds in it is ideal for treating acne prone skin due to its detoxing properties.

Benefits of goji berries

Also known as Chinese wolfberry, the goji berry is a regular ingredient in beauty products due to its medicinal properties. This raisin sized fruit is also regularly added to soups and vegetable stews for cleansing liver and colon. Due to its antioxidant power and ability to heal chronic coughs it was also used by creators of herbal medicines to treat young children suffering from colds and chest infections. Recent studies about the beneficial properties of these berries have shown that it protects the retina and enhances vision while cleansing the blood of impurities to boost the immune system.

Benefits of red dates

These are ideal for preventing liver problems and improving muscular strength. The anti-inflammatory properties of red dates help in protecting human body against skin problems, digestive issues, blood circulation problems, respiratory problems and eye diseases. An ideal cooking ingredient in Chinese kitchens due to its digestive and healing properties the red dates help in keeping the skin looking young and attractive as the inner body stays healthy.

That is why we specially designed this unique tea to let you enjoy all these powerful ingredients at the same time. It aims at cleansing your body from within to make your skin look radiant. So whether you are a teenager with acne problems or an adult who dreams to have a vibrant and smooth skin, this wonderful tea will be perfect for you.

—- Written by IN SLIM TEA team

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