Brewing tips for different types of tea

Brewing tips for different types of tea

There are so many types of teas that some of the names you probably never heard of. But don’t get confused as there are only four main categories that you are probably already familiar with.

Brewing method for green tea: green tea needs to be brewed with 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ water and drink it straight after. It is a type of unfermented tea and the more common ones are West Lake Longjing and Biluochun. This type of teas are more delicate and are not suitable to be brewed with just boiled water. The proportion of tea and water should be about 1:50 and brew time can be around 3 to 5 minutes. If the brewing temperature is too high or too long, polyphenols in the tea may be more likely to be destroyed. The tea not only will turn yellow but also losing its aroma. Green tea is preferably brewed with ceramic pot or glass. With green tea, when you brew it, you don’t usually need to cover with a lid, otherwise the tea may turn to yellowish color.

Brewing method for red tea: red tea needs to be brewed with hot boiling water. It is fully fermented tea. The brewing method is a bit different from green tea because high temperature water can help to bring out the beneficial ingredients in the tea. The water amount and the brewing time to be used can be the same as with green tea and it can be brewed for 1-2 times. It is the best brewed by a glass teapot, so you can actually see it to expand in the water. Red tea needs to be brewed with the lid closed, so the beautiful taste can be more intense.

How to brew Oolong tea: Oolong tea has great effect on weight loss, especially the Black Oolong which is claimed to have even much more stronger slimming effect. Oolong tea needs to be brewed with 100 ℃ boiling water and can be brew for several times. It is semi-fermented tea and needs to be brewed with lid on. You can be a bit generous with the tea in relation to the amount to be put in. With most types of tea leaves, it is the best to rinse the tea first by pouring in the boiling water and let is sit for 5 seconds and pour the water out. Then pour hot water in again and let it brew for 3-5 minutes before drinking it.

Brewing method for black tea: Rinse black tea with boiling water first as you would do with the Oolong tea. Black tea is fermented tea and it will get aging naturally while in storage over time, which is better. Puer tea is a typical example of black tea. Rinse the tea as usual. If you need detailed information about how to rinse tea, please refer to our Brewing instructions under FAQs on our website. Black tea needs to be brewed with boiling water with the lid on. By doing so, it will not only filter out impurities of the tea and brings out more intense aroma.

—- Written by IN SLIM TEA team


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