7 types of healthy teas you should drink often

7 types of healthy teas you should drink often

  1. Drink green tea if you are a mental worker! It is reported that green tea has many effects such as anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure and anti-atherosclerosis. For people who have regular contact with toxic substances or work in highly polluted environment, the active ingredient in green tea plays an important role of protection. It is also extremely helpful for people who drinks and smokes as it is beneficial for detoxifying the harmful substances. In addition, green tea could also improve the agility of the brain and assist people especially young crowd for a longer period of concentration and enhance the ability of thinking, judgment and memory. One of its amazing effects also include helping with weight loss and improve skin conditions. Green tea has countless well known benefits and should be consumed more often to improve general health.


  1. Drink red tea if you exercise regularly. Red tea is considered as “Warm” in nature. It is suitable for people who are more frail and people who perform physical or manual work regularly as it can not only increase your energy level but also provide you with many types of nutrition that your body needs. Pregnant women give birth before January – February and postpartum, to drink tea is appropriate.


  1. Drink Oolong tea if you want to lose weight. Oolong tea has the effect of lowering blood pressure, anti-atherosclerosis and achieves increased longevity. It is perfect for people who are obese and has meat as main diet because it can help with weight loss by speeding up digestion process. It is also suitable for people who have weak stomach or spleen system. But you should always consult your doctor if you have any health conditions or concerns.


  1. Drink black tea if you are meat lover. Black tea here refers to fully fermented “red teas” such as famous Puer tea. Black tea is suitable for all year-round. It helps to speed up digestion and assist with weight loss. In certain areas in China, due to its extremely cold climate and meat focused heavy diet, post fermented black teas are drunk regularly to help with fat digestion.


  1. Drink floral tea when you are in bad mood! Floral tea refers to a mixture of different herbs and flowers such as rose buds, chamomile and goji berry. This type of tea is perfect for everyone who wants clear the toxin or stronger immune system or simply be healthy. It is particularly helpful for people who feels down or experience depression. It is also very beneficial for women during their menstruation or menopause as it has calming and stress relieving effect.


  1. Drink Cassia seeds tea if you experience constipation. Cassia seeds tea has mild laxative effect to smooth large intestine. It could also assist in lowering cholesterol. It can be used to brew tea in the form of raw or lightly stir fried. Add boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. It is also a great idea to add some honey. However, if you have weak spleen or stomach, or have loose stools or diarrhea, you should use it with caution.


  1. Drink chrysanthemum/chamomile when you have inflammation. For people who experience symptoms including dizziness, bitter taste in the mouth, dry skin, cold sore and restless or irritation, chrysanthemum/chamomile tea is perfect. It is also regularly accompanied by goji berry to help to improve eye sight. In addition, it relieves headache, sore throat and other symptoms. It should be brewed with boiling water for about 3 to 5 minutes and it can also be refilled for a couple of times.


—- Written by IN SLIM TEA team


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